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Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Automotive Manufacturing Industry For Sale

Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Automotive Manufacturing Industry For Sale

In today’s laser processing industry, the most important application technology is laser cutting, which accounts for at least 70% of the laser processing industry. Laser cutting is currently the most advanced cutting process in the world. It has many advantages. It can be used for precise manufacturing, flexible cutting, and special-shaped processing. It can be formed at one time, with high speed and high efficiency. Many problems that cannot be solved by conventional methods.

Processing Methods in The Automotive Industry

Laser cutting machine workshop
Figure-1 Laser cutting machine workshop

If the cutting dimension is used to divide the laser cutting method, it can be divided into plane cutting and three-dimensional cutting. For high-strength steel structural parts, laser cutting is undoubtedly the best cutting method, but complex contours or complex surfaces, no matter from a technical point of view or an economic point of view , 3D laser cutting is a very effective processing method.

Cars continue to go further and further down the road of lightweight, and the application of thermoformed high-strength steel is becoming more and more extensive. Compared with ordinary steel, it is lighter and thinner, but its strength is higher. It is mainly used in various key parts of the car body. , For example, the anti-collision beam of the car door, the front and rear bumpers, A-pillar, B-pillar, etc., are the key factors to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

The hot-formed high-strength steel is formed by hot stamping, and the strength after processing is increased from 400-450 MPa to 1300-1600 MPa, which is 3-4 times that of ordinary steel. It is conceivable that such a high-strength material is also very difficult to process.

Application of laser cutting machine in the automotive industry
Figure-2 Application of laser cutting machine in the automotive industry

Figure-2 Application of laser cutting machine in the automotive industry

In the traditional trial production stage, trimming and hole cutting of stamping parts can only be done manually. Generally, at least two to three processes are required, and molds must be developed continuously. The accuracy of cutting parts cannot be guaranteed, and the investment is large and the loss is also high. Faster, but now the development cycle of models is getting shorter and shorter, and the quality requirements are getting higher and higher, and it is difficult to balance the two.

Application of Laser Cutting in The Automotive Industry

Automobile Airbag

Laser-cut airbags are an important device for car safety protection. It is the same as the seat belt. Used together, it can provide effective collision protection for the occupants. In car crashes, airbags can reduce head injuries by 25% and facial injuries by about 80%.

Laser cutting can efficiently and accurately cut airbags, ensure the seamless connection of airbags, ensure product quality to the greatest extent, and allow car owners to use it with confidence.

Car Interior

Laser cut additional seat cushions, seat covers, carpets, bulkhead pads, brake covers, gear covers and more. Car interior products can make your car more comfortable and easier to disassemble, wash and clean.

In the field of laser cutting applications in the automotive industry, laser cutting machines can flexibly process various automotive interior products. The laser cutting machine can flexibly and quickly cut drawings according to the internal dimensions of different models, thereby doubling the product processing efficiency.

Laser cutting rapidly occupies the market with its unparalleled advantages such as precision, speed, high efficiency, high performance, low price, and low energy consumption, and has become an indispensable processing equipment in the automotive industry.

The Status Quo of 3D Laser Cutting Machine

The three-dimensional laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications, mainly in the processing of large parts, automobiles, aerospace, rolling stock, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, turbine components, white goods and other industries. processing.

In the automobile industry, the development of panels is one of the most important links in automobile development. Generally, it is necessary to open molds to complete blanking, calendering, edge trimming and punching. Each process needs to manufacture the corresponding die stamping, and the development and debugging of these dies takes a lot of time, which often restricts the development speed of the complete vehicle. The three-dimensional laser cutting machine can complete the trimming and punching processes after the blanking, calendering and shaping of the cover are completed.

The heat-affected zone of 3D laser cutting is small, the incision is smooth and burr-free, and it can be used directly without subsequent processing of the incision. In this way, complete automotive panels can be produced before the complete set of molds is completed, and the development cycle of new automotive products can be accelerated.

Complete automotive panels
Figure-3 Complete automotive panels

The Development Opportunity of Three-dimensional Five-axis Laser Cutting Machine

Extensive Demand Brought by Downstream Applications

Three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting technology has appeared in the 1990s, and the market demand was not large at first. However, with the emergence and application of automotive thermoforming technology, the situation of low market demand has been changed, and the market demand has exploded.

R & D Investment of Major Enterprises Continues to Increase

The three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine represents the highest technical level of global CNC machine tools to a certain extent, and has broad application prospects and market prospects. Therefore, major companies have increased investment in research and development to seize the market.

Technological Progress

Major manufacturers actively respond to customer needs, and at the same time continue to iteratively upgrade technology in order to maintain the competitiveness of their products. The cutting head, the core component of the product, gradually meets the needs of high performance and lightweight, automatic focusing, three-point positioning, and fast perforation. , intelligent anti-collision and other functions, truly realize the flexible processing of intelligence, high efficiency and low energy consumption. Technological progress has further broadened the range of applications.

National Policy Support

With the recovery of the global economy in the post-epidemic era, manufacturing investment has accelerated significantly, and the prosperity of industries such as laser equipment and industrial automation has continued to improve. Laser processing technology has gradually replaced traditional processing methods by virtue of its advantages such as fast speed, high precision, and good processing quality. One of the high and new technologies that all countries focus on supporting and promoting applications.

The three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine
Figure-4 The three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine

The three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine has always been a high-end product in laser cutting equipment. From the first generation of equipment used in the field, the cutting accuracy is 0.1mm, the positioning accuracy is 0.05mm, and now the accuracy of the positioning hole in the automotive industry must reach 0.05mm, and the positioning accuracy to reach 0.03mm.

Laser Cutting Machine For Sale

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