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With the progress of society and the improvement of living standards, the market’s demand for product diversification, low manufacturing costs, and shorter manufacturing cycles are becoming more and more urgent. Traditional manufacturing technology can no longer meet the market’s demand for multiple varieties and small batches. All industries are in Finding ways to reduce labor costs with low efficiency and high prices; especially in the field of laser processing, manual feeding and unloading have high repetitiveness, long time, and low efficiency have become pain points in the industry.

In response to this phenomenon, an automatic loading and unloading system has been developed, which solves the problems of difficult plate storage, low loading and unloading efficiency, and high labor costs, allowing continuous processing of the equipment and greatly improving the work efficiency of the sự cắt bằng tia la-ze machine.

Automatic loading and unloading systems are an important part of strategic emerging industries. This forward-looking, strategic high-tech field accelerates the crisis of domestic manufacturing. A large number of foreign facts have proved that foreign auto industry, electronics industry, construction machinery, and other industries have a large number of industrial robots that are used in automated production lines. The use of industrial robots is to ensure product quality and improve production efficiency, but it also avoids many accidents. Nowadays, complete sets of industrial robot automation production line equipment have become the mainstream of automation equipment, and the popularization of domestic industrial robots is a matter of time.

Automatic Loading And Unloading Industrial Robot

Industrial robot technology is one of the most complex, multidisciplinary, and most challenging technical fields. According to the laws of foreign technology development and the status quo of domestic industrial bases and applications, on the one hand, it is necessary to increase the demonstration of engineering products and applications from the strategic needs of the country’s economy and security; secondly, from the perspective of the industrial application environment and process requirements, vigorously develop robot integration applications.

Aiming at the world’s frontier development trends, research and development of high-end technology integration platforms, focus on cultivating future strategic emerging industries and seize the commanding heights of the world’s technology. In the institutional innovation of technological research and development, around the development of the industrialization of intelligent robots, it is necessary to further highlight corporate investment as the mainstay, the combination of industries, universities, and research as technical support, and actively explore the development of business model innovation, market financing, and Insurance support.

In the machinery industry, production such as processing and assembly is discontinuous. It is time-consuming and inefficient to connect these discontinuous production processes by manpower alone. At the same time, people’s labor is very intensive, and mistakes and injuries sometimes occur. Obviously, this seriously affects the efficiency and automation of the entire production process. The application of industrial robots solves this situation well. It does not have repeated accidental errors and can effectively avoid human accidents.

Laser Automatic Loading And Unloading System Process

Through the warehouse control software, each part of the unit is controlled to realize the functions of automatic sheet material storage, automatic storage, feeding of máy cắt laser, intelligent storage, etc., to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. The whole set of automatic loading and unloading system is designed according to the on-site working environment, with a good operation interface, which is convenient for the operator to use. The overall layout is shown in Figure-1.

8 sự thật bạn chưa từng biết về hệ thống xếp dỡ tự động của máy cắt laser
Figure-1 Automatic loading and unloading system-overall layout

3-dimensional Storage Unit

8 sự thật bạn chưa từng biết về hệ thống xếp dỡ tự động của máy cắt laser
Figure-2 3-dimensional storage unit

The number of layers of the three-dimensional storage unit can be customized according to the actual situation of the customer’s site, and each storage position can store 3t plates; the whole is welded by profiles, the structure is stable, and the carrying capacity is strong; the chain is used for lifting and transmission, and the operation is safe and stable. See Figure-2.

Single Sheet Reclaiming Device

The single-sheet reclaiming device sucks the sheets from the designated layer and performs layered thickness measurement to ensure that only one sheet is picked up, and then the sheet is carried to the top of the roller positioning table, and the sheet is placed on the roller positioning table. The roller positioning table transports the sheet to the laser loading area and performs precise positioning. See Figure-3.

8 sự thật bạn chưa từng biết về hệ thống xếp dỡ tự động của máy cắt laser
Figure-3 Single sheet reclaiming device

Laser Feeding Robot Reclaims And Feeds

8 sự thật bạn chưa từng biết về hệ thống xếp dỡ tự động của máy cắt laser
Figure-4 Reclaiming and loading by laser feeding robot

The loading device of the laser loading and unloading robot uses the vacuum suction cup to suck the sheet material to the laser loading area, and then sends the sheet material to the exchange table of the first laser cutting machine. At this time, the laser cutting machine loading robot moves to a safe position. The first laser cutting machine began to work. Then the three-dimensional library takes out the sheets required by the second laser cutting machine and moves them to the laser loading area, and then the laser cutting machine loading robot sucks the sheets and sends them to the second laser cutting machine table, and the third laser cutting machine The machine circulates in sequence, fully automatic operation. See Figure-4.

Laser Blanking Robot Blanking And Manual Sorting

After the sheet is cut, the cutting tool of the laser loading and unloading robot is installed on the exchange table to use the forks to pick up the scrap and finished products, and then put the scrap and finished products on the electric sorting trolley, and then the electric sorting trolley will Waste materials and finished products are moved to the sorting area for manual sorting. See Figure-5.

8 sự thật bạn chưa từng biết về hệ thống xếp dỡ tự động của máy cắt laser
Figure-5: Laser blanking robot blanking and manual sorting

The Advantages of Laser Cutting Automatic Loading And Unloading System Compared With Traditional Manual Loading And Unloading

An ordinary laser cutting machine without an automatic loading and unloading system requires two people to operate, one person looking after the equipment, one person picking the material, and two people loading the material together. It is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming for simple cutting (quickly complete cutting) and thick plate cutting. , low efficiency.

The common loading mechanism is suitable for single material and thickness, suitable for single batch production. The laser automatic loading and unloading system can automatically perform loading and unloading according to the production requirements of various materials and thicknesses.

The Benefits of Automatic Loading And Unloading System of The Laser Cutting Machine

  • Speed: It takes 35% more time for an operator to manually load and unload materials than automatic loading and unloading. The automatic system is not fatigued, and does not require rest, and can be used continuously.
  • Consistency: In the case of manual operation, the time between each work cycle changes according to the state of the person.
  • Production capacity: For a factory that relies on manual loading and unloading of materials, in order to increase its output, it needs to increase the number of machines and operators. A factory that adopts an automatic loading and unloading system only needs to increase the number of machines without adding labor.
  • Safety: The on-site situation is more complicated. There will be bumps and bumps during manual loading and unloading, or excessive fatigue and neglect of safety, which may easily cause accidents; however, the automatic loading and unloading system runs completely according to procedures without manual intervention.

The laser cutting automatic loading and unloading system can make the production process more automatic and efficient. Nowadays, the sheet metal processing industry is actively preparing for the introduction of automated production. The integrated automatic loading and unloading system is undoubtedly a weapon to improve efficiency and pursue a higher return on investment. The use of this intelligent automation system will allow enterprises to obtain an excellent advantage in market competition.

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