Станок для лазерной резки

Как разрезать двухсторонний ламинированный лист на машине для резки волоконным лазером

Как разрезать двухсторонний ламинированный лист на машине для резки волоконным лазером

The film-coated sheet is difficult to cut because its cutting head can only cut down from the top of the sheet. The protective film on the sheet has no effect during the cutting process. However, the film is formed under the sheet during the cutting process. The cutting residues can not completely fall off, these residues will directly affect the cutting effect of the board, resulting in the board cannot be cut through or there are big burrs after cutting, but if all the film under the board is torn off, scratches will appear under the board. cut double-sided laminated sheet.

So, what methods are there to prevent the peeling of the film from occurring? The specific method is:Draw an auxiliary cutting diagram that matches the actual cutting diagram.

double-sided laminated sheet
Double-sided laminated sheet

The specific method is to mirror the actual cutting diagram to directly obtain the auxiliary cutting diagram.

Measure and calculate the position of the film to be torn off and the maximum offset

Theoretically speaking, using the auxiliary cutting diagram to use laser etching on the top of the sheet, etch away the protective film at the cutting position, and then cut the sheet directly. However, in the actual cutting process, due to the influence of the лазер positioning error and the sheet shape error, the cutting positions of the front and back sides of the sheet cannot be overlapped. Therefore, when the front side is etched, it is necessary to measure the accurate offset and tear off the protective film at the offset position. cut double-sided laminated sheet.

Draw cutting drawings and auxiliary cutting drawings

The cutting drawing can be drawn directly according to the shape of the work-piece. To assist the cutting drawing, first mirror the actual cutting drawing, and then offset with the set error value.

Typesetting of laser cutting diagrams

It is necessary to typeset the auxiliary cutting drawings first. Secondly, mirror the layout drawing of the auxiliary cutting drawing, remove the etching line, and only keep the actual cutting drawing.

Perform лазерная резка

First, perform the etching with a good version, and then tear off the protective film at the laser cut position. After tearing off the protective film, turn the steel plate over, and then cut the work-piece.

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