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Laser series is a popular product recently. Laser cutting machines can be made into open or closed types according to customer’s needs, also can be added to the exchange table and cutting tube function; other laser products are laser welding machines, laser marking machines and so on. HARSLE’s laser cutting machine is equipped with a gantry type work table, which is rigid, high precision and smooth running. The universal roller device on the work table can easily feed and process the workpiece.

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Temos uma forte equipe de suporte técnico e, se você tiver alguma dúvida, podemos fornecer as soluções em 12 horas.

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Nossas máquinas são projetadas por nossa equipe de profissionais, o que garante a precisão e velocidade de nossas máquinas.

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A HARSLE oferece 3 anos de garantia para sua máquina, também podemos substituir suas peças gratuitamente durante o período de garantia.

História de Desenvolvimento


Fundada em Nanjing HARSLE Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Envolvida na produção, venda e manutenção de máquinas para chapas de metal, como dobradeiras, máquinas de corte, puncionadeiras e prensas hidráulicas.



Provide customers with a complete set of machines for metal door processing, metal sink processing and other production lines, and have signed cooperation agreements with overseas agents to provide our customers with better services.



The annual sales of both domestic and foreign trade have exceeded 10 million dollars. More and more customers trust us and to work with us, and we have also provided them with the most suitable products. With strong export volume and excellent customer feedback, it was selected as a certified supplier by Made-in-China.com.


Our company's main products: press brake, shearing machine and hydraulic press have obtained the utility model patent certificate certified by the State Intellectual Property Office. In the following years, the CNC press brake produced by our independent company obtained the appearance design patent certificate certified by the State Intellectual Property Office.


The press brake and hydraulic presses produced by HARSLE have obtained CE certification. We Participated in the 6th India BLECH Exhibition in the same year and attracted many overseas customers to place orders on the spot with high-quality machines and professional explanations.


A puncionadeira e a máquina de corte produzidas por nossa empresa obtiveram sucessivamente a certificação CE. No mesmo ano, a empresa participou da exposição de Dubai e passou na certificação do sistema de qualidade ISO9001: 2015.


Fabrication Equipment

HARSLE has both experienced senior engineers and innovative young engineers, all of them are committed to building better machines.

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365 dias por ano, 7x24 horas por semana e suporte de atendimento por telefone da empresa (+ 86-25-56200956).

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E-mail service support is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. E-mail: support@harsle.com

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The company established a technical support and response center, set up a dedicated person to carry out 7x24 hours on duty.

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On Site(charge)

Quando necessário, a empresa enviará engenheiros técnicos experientes ao local para fornecer serviços aos usuários.

Laser Cutting Machine Video

Video show is always the best to help customers to choose the right laser machine, So HARSLE endeavors to create the most attractive and useful videos for you to learn more about our metal laser cutter details in a better way.

Máquina de corte a laser de fibra CNC HST-1500W-3015 com acessório para tubo

HARSLE 1000W-3015 CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with IPG Laser source

Máquina de corte a laser de fibra CNC HSX-1500W 3015 com mesa de troca

HS-1000W-3015 CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

HARSLE 500W CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Máquina de solda a laser HARSLE HW-1500 | Melhor soldador a laser de fibra com preço acessível

HARSLE CE Certificate

In line with EU CE standards, the quality of the machine is guaranteed



HARSLE sales are experienced and friendly, so feel free to contact us when you have question about the machine

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Ivy Zhang
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Sissi Zhang
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Wendy Xu
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Grace Guo
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Sandy Xue
Processo de instalação da máquina de corte a laser HARSLE

How to install your laser cuter

Você aprenderá como instalar sua máquina de corte a laser do início ao fim. HARSLE é uma prensa dobradeira, máquina de corte, máquina de corte a laser e outros fabricantes de máquina para trabalhar metal na China. Sinta-se à vontade para nos contatar.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Solve The Difficulties of Fiber Laser Cutting?

Velocidade de corte
Fast cutting speed is one of the advantages of laser cutting, but the cutting speed is not as fast as possible.

Assista as faíscas cortantes
When the cutting speed is appropriate, the cutting sparks are more evenly spread from top to bottom;

Observe a folha de corte
When the cutting speed is appropriate, the cutting surface presents a relatively smooth line, and no slag is produced in the lower half.

Bocal e Altura do Bocal
O bocal atua como um feixe e um canal de gás auxiliar. A forma, a abertura e a altura do bocal afetarão o efeito de corte.

Pressão de Gás Protetora
O tamanho da pressão de gás auxiliar também afeta o efeito de corte da máquina de corte a laser de fibra. Ajustar a pressão do ar também pode melhorar o efeito de corte:

Precauções para desligar a máquina de corte a laser
Primeiro, mova a cabeça de corte para o ponto mais alto e pare os eixos X e Y na posição segura. Troque o banco ou pare o banco em um local seguro.

How to Choose The Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding Machine?

Technical Background
Welding of medium and large thickness steel plates is mainly used in rail transit, shipbuilding, nuclear power equipment, and other industries.

Technical Characteristics
There are many forms of laser-arc hybrid welding, including Laser-MAG/MIG hybrid welding, Laser-TIG hybrid welding, laser-plasma arc hybrid welding, etc.

Aluminum Alloy Welding
Requirements: tailored welding of 5 mm and 6 mm aluminum alloys requires good weld formation and no undercut defects.

Welding of Medium And Thick Ship Plates
Requirements: Tailored welding of AH36 marine steel plates with thicknesses of 6 mm and 12 mm requires that the weld formation and weld quality meet the requirements of the Chinese Shipbuilding Quality Standard (GB/T 34000-2016).

Large Thickness Ship Plate Multi-Pass Welding
Requirements: 20 mm, 25 mm thick ultra-high-strength marine steel plates are tailor-welded, and the weld formation and weld quality are required to meet the requirements of the Chinese shipbuilding quality standard (GB/T 34000-2016).

Equipment And Process Parameter Suggestion
At present, for the laser-arc hybrid welding technology, there are very few practical applications in China, and there is no systematic achievement for the time being.

What is the difference between a Laser cutting machine and a plasma cutting machine?

Diference 1: The difference in cutting thickness
The plasma cutting machine is a kind of thermal cutting equipment, which is more suitable for more than 6mm thickness and with low
precision requirement. In theory, the maximum thickness of a plasma laser cutting machine can reach hundreds of mm, but the optimal cutting range is about 80mm. Disadvantages of plasma cutting: It is not suitable for cutting below 3mm metal sheets, the slit is wide and the precision is poor, the cutting surface with poor perpendicular when cutting 5mm or more than 5mm thickness plate.

Diference 2: The difference in cutting quality
The cutting principle of the plasma cutting machine is to use high temperature plasma arc heat to melt the metal at the cutting part of the workpiece, and simultaneously blow away the molten metal with a high-speed air flow to form a narrow slit; the plasma cutting machine can cutting stainless steel, iron, aluminum, various metal materials.

What are the working principle and characteristics of an electric welding machine?

The electric welding machine uses the high-temperature arc generated when the positive and negative poles are instantaneously short-circuited to melt the solder on the electrode and the material to be welded, and the purpose of combining the objects to be contacted. Its structure is very simple, it is a high-power transformer.

Electric welding machines can generally be divided into two types according to the output power source, one is AC power and the other is DC. They use the principle of inductance, the inductance will produce a huge voltage change when the inductance is turned on and off, and the high voltage arc generated when the positive and negative poles are short-circuited instantaneously is used to melt the solder on the electrode to achieve the purpose of atomic bonding.

What is the advantage of a laser cutting machine?

During the laser cutting technique, there is a laser bar used to cut various materials like metal, plastic, wood, elastic, and so forth This innovation has become a fundamental piece of assembling measure. Laser cutting machines are furnished with PC-controlled programming that decides how and where the interface is coordinated in the material. Laser cutting administrations are important for any legitimate machining supplier since it offers and reasonable and precise method of creating practically any shape in the plate or sheet metal. Regardless of whether you require 2D or 3D laser cutting administrations, the exceptional machining shop will actually want to surpass your assumptions. In spite of the fact that lasers give incredible advantages, they additionally have a few impediments. Likewise, let see a portion of the benefits and hindrances that accompanies this innovation.

Benefits of laser cutting:
It is simpler to keep the workpiece in the correct position.
Short acquired by laser cutting doesn't take long and is incredibly exact. The entire cutting interaction is effortlessly accomplished in less time contrasted with customary scissors.
As the segment is delivered, there isn't immediate contact of the workpiece with a cutting device, bringing down the danger of polluting material.
In customary division measure, the warmth created during the way toward cutting ordinarily softens the material. In laser cutting, the warmth territory is exceptionally little, diminishing the chance of material twisting.

Weaknesses of laser cutting:
Productivity and force utilization relies upon the sort of area that should be done and the nature of the laser. Generally, laser cutting has high energy utilization.
Laser cutting of plastic parts can be costly in light of the fact that when presented to warm, plastic discharges gas. Thus, the laser cutting specialist co-op ought to have a very much ventilated room, which is very costly. Likewise, the gases delivered during the way toward cutting plastic can be destructive and harmful.
Not a wide range of metals can be cut with laser cutting. For instance, metals like copper and aluminum can't be cut utilizing this innovation.
The creation rate isn't reliable. All rely upon the kind of material utilized, the thickness of the workpiece, and the idea of laser cutting.
The setting of the temperature and the distance laser can prompt the ignition of certain materials.
Human mediation is required simply in the event of fixes and preliminary attempts. While these activities, laborer comes in close contact with the leaser pillar, which can cause consumes.

Is laser cutting cost-effective?

Through the high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam to melt the material, the thermal cutting method of the metal sheet is opened. In metal processing, the main processing speed is fast, so that the cut surface is smooth; no burrs; high cutting accuracy, no need for secondary time-consuming processing and other advantages, before the user buys the laser cutting machine equipment, the first thing to consider is to buy a certain kind of power equipment, the biggest factor determining the power depends on the thickness of the processing material, the thicker the plate, the more difficult it is to cut, and the more power required. At present, there are the most concentrated HARSLE manufacturers on the market. Due to the mature technology and low threshold, various manufacturers aim to maximize profits.

For the laser cutting machine that is continuously developed and designed, well-known laser cutting machine brands must be selected for its low power. Medium-power and high-power laser cutting machine equipment not only requires high quality of the equipment itself, but also the cutting process parameters are technical issues, so medium power Manufacturers of low power are far lower than those of low power. After all, it is technical work, and professional manufacturers are the alternative manufacturers, which have great advantages in technology.

Which industries use laser cutting?

The cases suitable for CO2 laser cutting machines mainly include special parts that require uniform cutting, stainless steel with a thickness of no more than three millimeters and non-metallic materials with a thickness of no more than 20 millimeters used in advertising, decoration and other service industries, and the other is the cutting contour The machining of complex but small workpieces is used to save the cost and cycle of making molds.

Metal fiber laser cutting machine is used in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, subway accessories, automobiles, food machinery, textile machinery, construction machinery, precision accessories, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, craft gifts, tools Processing, decoration, advertising, metal external processing, kitchenware processing, and other manufacturing and processing industries. Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, pickling sheet, copper, titanium, and other metal sheet and pipe cutting.

What is CO2 laser cutting machine?

CO2 laser cutting machine is a cutting equipment used in industrial production.

In the field of non-metallic laser marking, solid-state laser marking machines and gas laser marking machines are common. Non-metallic laser cutting machines generally rely on laser power to drive the laser tube to emit light, and through the refraction of several reflectors, the light is transmitted to the laser head, and then The focusing mirror installed on the laser head gathers the light into a point, and this point can reach a very high temperature, so that the material is instantly sublimated into gas, which is sucked away by the exhaust fan, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting; generally laser cutting machines use The main gas filled in the laser tube is CO2, so this laser tube becomes a CO2 laser tube, and the laser cutting machine using this laser tube is called a CO2 laser cutting machine.

Industrial application
The world's first CO2 laser cutting machine was born in the 1970s. For more than 30 years, due to the continuous expansion of application fields and continuous improvement of CO2 laser cutting machines, many domestic and international enterprises have engaged in the production of various CO2 laser cutting machines to meet the needs of the market, including two-dimensional flat cutting machines, three-dimensional space Curve cutting machine, pipe cutting machine, etc. According to the statistics of the 2000 annual report of "Industrial LaserSolution", an authoritative magazine for the application of laser industry in the United States: in 1999, there were 3,325 laser cutting systems sold in the world, with a total of 1.174 billion US dollars. Although the development trend of laser cutting is fast, the application level is far behind that of developed countries. By 2003, the total number of CO2 laser cutting systems used in industrial production in my country has reached about 500, accounting for about 1.5% of the total number of operating systems in the world.

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A HARSLE tem participado em várias feiras nacionais e internacionais todos os anos, para que os nossos clientes possam ver pessoalmente as nossas máquinas.

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