Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Technology (8 Knowledge Quiz)

Laser cutting technology (8 knowledge Quiz)

How to use laser cutting machine to extend life?

The personnel operating the laser cutting machine must strictly follow the laser start procedure to start the laser.

Operators must be trained, familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment, and master the relevant knowledge of the operating system.

Wear labor protection equipment according to regulations, and must wear protective glasses that meet the regulations near the laser beam.

Do not process a material before it is clear whether it can be irradiated or heated by laser to avoid the potential danger of smoke and steam.

The operator is not allowed to leave the post or be taken care of without authorization when the equipment is started. If it is really necessary to leave, stop or cut off the power switch.

The equipment should be far away from electrical equipment sensitive to electromagnetic interference, which may cause electromagnetic interference.

Keep the fire extinguisher within easy reach; turn off the laser or shutter when not processing; it is strictly forbidden to place any irrelevant total reflection or diffuse reflection objects in the equipment to prevent the laser from being reflected to the human body or flammable objects on.

When the equipment is working, it is strictly forbidden to open any end cover.

During the working process of the equipment, the operator must observe the working conditions of the equipment at any time. If an abnormal situation occurs, immediately cut off all power supplies, troubleshoot in time, or report to the supervisor. And actively take corresponding measures.

Observe the high-voltage safety regulations during maintenance. Every 40 hours of operation or weekly maintenance, every 1,000 hours of operation, or every six months of maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with regulations and procedures.

After starting the machine, the machine should be manually started in the X and Y directions at low speed, and check whether there is any abnormality.

When working, pay attention to observe the operation of the machine tool to avoid accidents caused by the laser cutting machine going out of the effective stroke range or two collisions.

What are the classifications of laser cutting machines?

It can be classified according to the way the equipment cuts the material
It can be divided into carbon steel laser cutting machines, stainless steel laser cutting machines, aluminum box gold laser cutting machines, and so on.

It can be classified according to the different dimensions of equipment operation
It can be divided into plane and three-dimensional. Plane refers to two-dimensional processing, while three-dimensional can process flat or curved surfaces. The classification is based on the inconsistent motion trajectories of the cutting heads of the two equipment.

It can be classified according to different uses of equipment
It can be divided into plate, medium-thin plate, medium-thick plate, pipe cutting, and plate pipe. This is more obvious, which refers to the classification of different materials used for processing.

It can be classified according to different equipment structures
It can divide into interactive (enclosure or large enclosure), single table (open), this classification belongs to the classification according to different structures.

It can be classified according to different laser power
The high-power fiber laser cutting machine and low-power fiber laser cutting machine we often say are divided according to the power of the laser. More accurately, it is low-medium power and medium-high power. Low-medium power generally refers to below 3000W, and medium-high power generally refers to Laser equipment above 3000W.

It can be classified according to the different format of fiber laser cutting machine

It can be divided into large format and small format. Generally, the format of 3000*1500mm and above can be called large format. The advantage of large format fiber laser cutting machine is that the working format is large, which is conducive to the processing of large materials. The advantage of a small format is that the equipment is highly integrated, and the area is small, which is suitable for fine processing.

Is the laser cutting machine reset abnormally?

The laser cutting machine is a common processing equipment in modern times. During processing, there will always be some headaches, especially the abnormal reset of the laser cutting machine. This is also a problem that everyone is more concerned about. In such a situation, what should we do?

Since the laser cutting machine has been used, there have been many precautions. The laser cutting machine is not only the technology used in the process of use, but also requires us to have a certain understanding. The laser cutting machine often has problems with engraving and initialization, which needs to be done here. The data can be corrected before the problem can be solved.

The engraving of the laser cutting machine, the initialization is incorrect, and the data has been sent (correction): the order of operation is reversed (re-enter); electrostatic interference (check whether the ground wire is off); the cleaning hook is misplaced and not closed, check whether the software parameter settings are correct ( Reset); the computer system is wrong (reinstall the operating system and software); check whether the left and right belts are the same or whether the rear belt is too loose (the belt is tightened); check whether the belt or the synchronous wheel is slipping or the teeth are jumping (tighten the synchronous wheel or Belt); Check whether the beam is parallel (re-adjust the left and right belts).

What are the auxiliary gases for laser cutting?

Oxygen: Mainly used for cutting carbon steel materials. Because oxygen is a good combustion aid, it can improve cutting efficiency. However, since a metal oxide film will be formed on the cutting surface, it will have a certain impact on subsequent machining.

Nitrogen: Mainly used for cutting stainless steel. Nitrogen will not react with metals. Therefore, it will not form an oxide film, which is good for subsequent processing. But it is precisely this advantage that leads to low nitrogen cutting efficiency and increased gas consumption.

Compressed air: Compared with oxygen and nitrogen, compressed air is easier to obtain and cheaper. Since the air contains about 20% oxygen and 78% nitrogen, this determines that its cutting efficiency is far less than oxygen, but it is better than nitrogen, and the working surface after cutting is also better than oxygen.

What is the reason for the blast hole when the laser cutting machine punches?

Many users of laser cutting machines are prone to blasting during punching when cutting sheets of 6mm or more, causing problems such as incomplete cutting samples or instability of the follower head. What caused it? What is the cause of the blast hole when the laser cutting machine punches?

  1. Reduce the oxygen pressure

Oxygen assists combustion in the laser cutting process. When the punching pressure is too high, the plate will instantly break and cause deflagration. Decrease the blowing pressure, it will penetrate the plate slowly when punching, and will not cause deflagration.

  1. Use air cutting

The use of air cutting in laser cutting machines will improve the blasting phenomenon, but the cutting speed will be reduced. Of course, you can also use inert gas such as nitrogen, but the gas cost will be higher.

  1. Adjust the focus

It is more complicated to adjust the focus to solve the blast hole. We need to debug step by step in the cutting sample, so that the focus can be focused on the surface of the cut sheet. If you cut thick plates, the cutting aesthetics will be reduced.

4. Upgrade equipment

Adjusting the gas and air pressure of the laser cutting machine separately for drilling and cutting can effectively reduce the probability of blasting.

Can the laser cutting machine cut all materials?

Although metal laser cutting machines have many advantages, they cannot cut all materials. Just like its name, laser cutting machines belong to the category of metal cutting machines. They generally process metal materials. For non-metal materials like stone or glass It cannot be cut. Because the wavelength range of the metal laser cutting machine is not within the absorption range of these materials, or not suitable for absorption, the ideal cutting range cannot be achieved. Secondly, for MDF: such as fiberboard, wood fiber, plant fiber as raw materials, the cutting machine cannot cut, because the laser cutting machine still uses the laser to cut the panel, and the cutting head generates heat during the operation. As for the density board material, during the processing process, it is easy to cause the board to burn and burn and trim the edges.

It is not only difficult to meet the cutting requirements, but also damages the raw materials. Finally, pay attention to the cutting of some high-reflectivity materials, such as copper and aluminum. This type of material can be cut with a laser cutting machine, but the wavelength absorption of these materials is not within the ideal range, and it needs to rely on gas to assist. Finish cutting.

How to identify the quality of laser cutting machine?

The standard to measure a laser cutting machine:

  1. Is the surface of the material smoothly after cutting.
  2. Whether there is slag on the surface of the cut.
  3. Is the cutting speed ideal?
  4. Cutting edge perpendicularity and slope.
  5. Cutting edge round corner size.
  6. Whether the positioning accuracy of cutting is less than 0.015mm.

How to adjust the accuracy of the laser cutting machine?

After the laser cutting machine is used for a period of time, there will be a certain error in the cutting accuracy, which is often caused by the change of the focal length. Therefore, mastering how to adjust the accuracy is the necessary knowledge to operate the laser cutting machine.

Laser cutting machine precision debugging method:When the spot of the focus laser is adjusted to the minimum, perform spot shooting to establish the initial effect. The focal position is judged by the size of the spot effect. We only need to look for the laser spot to the minimum, then this position is the best Processing the focal length, and then start processing work.

In the first part of the debugging of the laser cutting machine, we can use some debugging paper and workpiece waste to judge the accuracy of the focal length position, move the position of the height of the upper and lower laser heads, the laser spot size will have different size changes when it is shot. Make adjustments to different positions several times to find the smallest spot position to determine the focal length and the best position of the laser head.

After the laser cutting machine is installed, a scribing device will be installed on the cutting nozzle of the CNC cutting machine, and a simulated cutting pattern will be drawn through the scribing device, which is a 1m square. A circle with a diameter of 1m is built in, and the four corners are drawn diagonally. After drawing, use a measuring tool to measure whether the drawn circle is tangent to the four sides of the square. Whether the diagonal length of the square is √2 (the data obtained by opening the square root is approximately: 1.41m), the central axis of the circle should bisect the sides of the square, and the distance from the point where the central axis intersects the two sides of the square to the point where the two sides of the square intersect The distance should be 0.5m. Test the distance between the diagonal and the intersection point to determine the cutting accuracy of the equipment.

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