Macchina da taglio laser

Fare un buon processo di ricottura della macchina da taglio laser

Making a good annealing process of Laser cutting machine
Making a good annealing process of Laser cutting machine
Making a good annealing process of laser cutting machine 3

Most users pay more attention to its annealing process when buying a laser cutting machine. Because it is conducive to the stability of the laser cutting machine’s performance. So what is the annealing process of the macchina da taglio laser?

When purchasing laser cutting, we pay more attention to the configuration of the laser cutting machine. While choosing a good laser, we also pay attention to the choice of machine tool. A good machine tool plays an important factor in cutting accuracy and stability. Therefore, the manufacturing process of the machine tool occupies an important position in the assembly of the entire laser cutting machine.

To increase the stability of the laser cutting machine, the general manufacturer will cast the entire bed with a steel structure, and it is also required.

Explanation of annealing process terms:

The so-called annealing process is to heat the steel to a certain high temperature and keep it at this temperature for a period of time, and then let it slowly cool down, which is called annealing. The annealing of steel is a heat treatment method in which the steel is heated to a temperature at which phase transformation or partial phase transformation can occur, and then slowly cooled after heat preservation.

Purpose of annealing process:

The purpose of annealing is to reduce structural defects, improve the structure to homogenize the composition and refine the grain, increase the mechanical properties of steel, reduce residual stress; at the same time, it can reduce the hardness, increase the plasticity and toughness of the laser cutting machine tool, and improve the cutting performance. Therefore, annealing is not only to reduce the structural defects and internal stress generated in the previouS but also to prepare for the subsequent process.

It is one of the processes for increasing the service life of laser cutting machine tools, which can increase its own physical properties and enable high-quality production of laser cutting machines.
The annealing process of a laser cutting machine is like this, it can also extend the service life of the laser cutting machine, so it is welcomed by everyone.

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