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How to install the laser tube

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Laser tube is an important part of laser equipment. When the laser tube is used for a certain period of time, aging will occur. It is necessary to replace the new laser tube in time to avoid affecting normal operation. The following will share how to correctly replace and install the laser tube.

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Installation requirements (Electricity, water cooling, environment)

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How to install the laser tube 6
  1. Power demand

The system needs to be used under 220V-240V/50Hz AC power supply. The laser tube and high-voltage power supply require 3A and 5A power supplies respectively. If the power grid fluctuates greatly, please use a steady current regulator!

  1. Water cooling requirements

The chiller requires the use of distilled or deionized water. It is recommended to use a chiller with a head not less than 5 meters, a flow rate not less than 7L/min, and a cooling capacity not less than 5084Btu/h.

  1. Environmental requirements

In an indoor dust-proof environment, the high voltage supply, its back, and the cooling vent of the chiller must be kept at a sufficient distance for ventilation, and run at a temperature of 15-30℃ and a humidity of 30-60%.

Installation program

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Select a matching laser power supply, connect the positive and negative electrodes of the laser tube, the laser output end is the negative electrode, and the other end is the positive electrode. Remove the high-voltage insulation protection cover before connecting the positive terminal, loosen the screw cap of the metal flange, wind the metal core of the high-voltage cable sleeve clockwise directly on the screw cap and fix it firmly, arrange the high-voltage cable and use the insulating tape to fix the high-voltage cable to the laser. At the same time, fix the high-voltage insulation protective cover on the outer wall of the tube. After working for a long time, dust will accumulate near the high voltage anode, which will affect the use effect. It is recommended to regularly remove the dust absorbed by the high-voltage insulation protective cover.

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How to install the laser tube 8

Pay attention to the temperature and flow of cooling water during work. The maximum water temperature shall not be higher than 35°C and be kept below 30°C. If the water temperature is too high, please stop the machine in time and replace the cooling water. The minimum water temperature should not be lower than 5℃. Please drain the cooling water when the temperature is below 0℃. Freezing of the water will cause the laser tube to burst. The flow rate of cooling water is required to be above 7L/Min, and the flow rate must be fixed. Poor cooling will cause the laser tube’s spot mode to change, resulting in unstable output and reduced power.

During debugging, avoid pollution of the output window of the laser tube. In the dimming work, do not allow the smoke generated by the workpiece to pollute the outer surface of the output cavity mirror, so as not to cause the laser power to drop. If there is already contamination, use the alcohol cotton ball to rotate in the same direction and gently wipe the outer surface of the window.

The laser tube support points are located at about 1/4 at each end of the laser tube. The small rotation angle of the laser tube mechanical support points can be adjusted according to the requirements of the laser tube support position to achieve the best output effect. Or according to the actual use of the machine Properly adjust the left and right distance of the support point.

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