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7 Types Application of Laser Cutting Machine

7 Types Application of Laser Cutting Machine

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Due to the emergence of metal laser cutting machines, our production and manufacturing main force in the field of laser cutting production and processing of metal materials have been greatly improved. Moreover, because the laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high precision, small slit, faster speed, and rapid exercise and fitness rate, the appearance of the manufactured metal raw materials are far superior to that of the traditional automatic cutting machine, and most of the secondary production is unnecessary. So, which industries can metal laser cutting machines be used in? The following is a summary of several industries:

Laser cutting machine with tube cutting function
Figure-1 Laser cutting machine with tube cutting function

What Are The Features And Advantages of Metal Laser Cutting Machine?

The metal laser cutting machine is the mechanical energy that is released when the laser irradiates the surface of the metal raw material commodity product workpiece, so that the metal raw material commodity product workpiece is melted and evaporated, so as to ensure the purpose of laser cutting. It has the characteristics of high precision, faster laser cutting speed, automatic typesetting design, saving raw materials, stable laser cutting, and low product cost.

What Are The Important Manufacturing Raw Materials For Metal Laser cutting machines?

Metal laser cutting machine is mainly used for laser cutting alloy steel, ferrite core, stainless steel sheet, aluminum profile, aluminum alloy profile, galvanized sheet, hot-rolled steel sheet, galvanized sheet, copper, and other metal composite materials cut.

What Types of Metal Laser Cutting Machines Are There?

Metal laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine and equipment specialized in laser cutting and manufacturing of metal composite materials. At present, there are CO2 laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines, and YAG laser cutting machines on the market.

Among them, the carbon dioxide laser cutting machine with high output power can laser cut metal raw materials; the advantages of the YAG laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine are not obvious, because the fiber laser cutting machine is a newly upgraded laser cutting equipment, and the laser cutting work is diligent, the standards and norms are relatively low, and it has long been popularized and occupied the market.

Important application industries of metal laser cutting machines

Sheet Metal Processing Company Industry

 Sheet metal processing
Figure-2 Sheet metal processing

Metal laser cutting machines are a major transformational development in the field of sheet metal processing companies. Due to high coordination, faster laser cutting rate, high laser cutting efficiency, and short product cycle, sheet metal laser cutting machines have become indispensable machines in the sheet metal processing company industry.

On the one hand, the metal laser cutting machine is not deformed or destroyed by the CNC tool during the production process. Whatever part it is, it can be laser cut precisely and quickly with a laser cutter. On the other hand, the laser cutting gap of the metal laser cutting machine is generally narrow, the laser cutting is cost-effective, and the level of automation technology is high. In addition, the use of metal laser cutting opportunities reduces the labor productivity of employees and is not easy to air pollution.

Promotion And Advertising Metal Word Making Industry

HARSLE machine metal logo laser cutting
Figure-3 HARSLE machine logo laser cutting

In the advertising creative design and production industry, more metal composite materials are generally used. Traditional production equipment generally uses raw materials such as the production of advertising fonts. Due to the unsatisfactory machining accuracy and laser cutting surface, the probability of maintenance is very high. As a result, the work efficiency is not high, and a lot of costs are consumed.

The professional laser cutting of precision processing metal raw materials does not require secondary maintenance, which further improves work efficiency and saves enterprise costs.

Kitchen Utensils Industry

Range hood laser cutting
Figure-4 Range hood laser cutting

In the processing and manufacturing of kitchen appliances, range hoods and gas appliances generally use many sheet metal plates. When manufacturing with traditional manufacturing methods, it suffers from the difficulties of low work efficiency, large consumption of mold shells, and high operating costs.

The metal laser cutting machine perfectly solves this kind of difficulty. Laser cutting speed is faster, high precision, high production efficiency, can be customized and personalized new product development, improve the compliance rate, solve the troubles of kitchen utensil manufacturers, and are favored by kitchen utensil manufacturers. Approved.

Machining Industry

There are also many precisions machined parts and raw materials in the car, such as car brake pads and vehicle doors. In order to better improve the safety performance of the car, try to ensure the accuracy of laser cutting. But I don’t know that traditional manufacturing methods or manual manufacturing cannot guarantee high precision and efficiency.

Therefore, laser cutting can be quickly mass-produced and processed, with high precision, high efficiency, no burr, and one-time molding. This is why laser cutting machines are commonly used in machinery manufacturing.

As one of the most intelligent systems in the entire industry chain, the automotive industry integrates various manufacturing processes. As one of the most important specialties, the sheet metal laser cutting machine has completed 70% of the intelligent production and processing of spare parts.

Fitness Equipment Industry

Fitness equipment laser cutting
Figure-5 Fitness equipment laser cutting

The automation solutions of HARSLE tube cutting machines also enable efficient manufacturing of high-quality components in the mass production of fitness equipment. The high precision of the laser cut ensures the quality of the assemblies produced.

The diversity of fitness equipment also clearly points out high requirements for manufacturing. The design of multiple models, specifications, and products make traditional manufacturing look complicated and inefficient. Laser cutting is highly coordinated and can be customized and properly disposed of for different tubes and sheets. After production, the product output is smooth and burr-free. No secondary manufacturing is required. The quality and efficiency are further improved compared with the traditional process.

Ship Industry

Ship laser cutting simulation diagram
Figure-6 Ship laser cutting simulation diagram

In the field of the shipping industry, laser cutting marine steel plate laser cutting seam is cost-effective, laser cutting surface is flat, no weld flash, thin oxide layer, smooth surface, no need for secondary manufacturing, immediate arc welding, and electric welding, small thermal deformation, trend Figure laser cutting precision processing, reduce the construction time of the harmony project, and carry out unobstructed laser cutting of high wear-resistant ship plates.

At present, the cutting methods of hull plates in the shipbuilding industry are mostly flame cutting, plasma cutting, shearing and bending machining, and laser cutting. Laser cutting avoids the occurrence of uneven cutting quality by setting a trimming allowance on the plate in order to ensure the assembly gap when the plasma is blanking the plate and trimming it manually. Thus, the relative workload, production cycle, and labor costs can be reduced.

The hull steel plate obtained by laser cutting has good cutting quality, good verticality of the cut surface, no slag, a thin oxide layer, smooth surface, no need for secondary processing, and can be directly welded, with small thermal deformation, high curve cutting accuracy, reducing Cooperate with working hours to achieve barrier-free cutting of precision ship boards. Laser cutting machines will be applied in more shipbuilding enterprises in the future, and high-power laser cutting machines are bound to be the future trend.

Construction Project Machining Industry

Construction project metal laser cutting
Figure-7 Construction project metal laser cutting

At present, the machining industry of construction projects must laser cut many round holes, round holes, and special-shaped holes on various thickness plates, and the precision is very high. The use of laser cutting can quickly punch holes, and laser cutting can produce an ideal shape, which further improves production efficiency and product quality.

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