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Features and applications of fiber laser cutting machine

Features and applications of fiber laser cutting machine

Optical fiber laser cutting machine has great advantages in cutting thin plate within 4mm due to its unprecedented flexibility, fewer fault points, convenient maintenance, and extremely fast speed. However, due to the influence of solid laser wavelength, it has poor quality when cutting thick plates.

The wavelength of fiber laser cutting machine is 1.06um, which is not easy to be absorbed by nonmetal, so it can not cut nonmetal materials.

The photoelectric conversion rate of fiber laser is as high as 25%, which has obvious advantages in power consumption and cooling system.

According to international safety standards, the laser hazard level is divided into four levels. The optical fiber laser has the greatest harm to the human body due to its short wavelength and the great damage to the eyes. For the sake of safety, the fiber laser plus I needs a totally enclosed environment.

As a new laser technology, a fiber laser cutting machine is far less popular than CO2 laser cutting machine.Features of fiber laser

Main advantages: high photoelectric conversion rate, less power consumption, can cut stainless steel plate within 12mm, carbon steel plate, is the three kinds of machine cutting

The laser cutting machine with the fastest cutting speed of thin plate has a small cutting seam and good spot quality, which can be used for fine cutting.

Main market positioning: cutting below 12mm, especially the high-precision processing of thin plate, is mainly aimed at the manufacturers with high requirements for machining accuracy and efficiency. It is estimated that with the emergence of laser with 4000W and above, fiber laser cutting machine will eventually replace most of the market of CO2 high-power laser cutting machine. Features of fiber laser

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