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3 Applications of Laser Cutting Machine in Manufacturing Industry

Applications of Laser Cutting Machine in Manufacturing Industry

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Stainless Steel Kitchenware Processing

With the development and progress of the social economy, people have higher and higher requirements for daily necessities and appliances. Not only is it required to be versatile and durable, but also to have a chic and beautiful appearance. As an industry closely related to people’s daily life, the kitchenware industry has been constantly updated and rising in recent years.

3 Applications of Laser Cutting Machine in Manufacturing Industry
Kitchen cabinet

Traditional kitchenware processing equipment uses a CNC punching machine and then cooperates with polishing, shear plate bending, and other processes to form the final shape. This processing efficiency is relatively low, the mold-making time is relatively long, and the cost is relatively high. The metal laser cutting machine is produced under the premise of the urgent need of this manufacturer, and the development of the laser in my country is very rapid. Applications of laser cutting machine. The metal laser cutting machine can be directly used for mold-free production of all kinds of kitchenware, which has long-term significance for the kitchenware processing industry.

1. Stable And Reliable Machine Structure

The structural rigidity conforms to the industrial machine tool standard, the precision is high, and the stress generated during welding and processing is completely eliminated. The bed adopts a honeycomb welding structure to ensure that the huge thrust generated by the instantaneous acceleration and deceleration of the large inertia motor is evenly distributed to all positions of the machine tool, which greatly reduces the vibration of the machine tool.

2. High-precision Anti-collision Laser Cutting Head

Imported laser head, with stable driving mechanism + optical system design, can cut at high speed and still be stable. It can also cut material sheets of different thicknesses, which is an indispensable part of the industrial cutting.

3. Fast Cutting Speed

With high cutting speed, it is especially suitable for plates.

The use of lasers to produce kitchenware products has great advantages. Metal laser cutting machines are also fiber laser cutting machines, professional laser equipment for cutting metal materials. In addition, HARSLE laser also provides customers with a variety of models: laser handheld welding machine, laser pipe cutting machine, laser cutting machine adopts the characteristics of laser non-contact processing, cutting products without extrusion deformation, cutting speed, no dust, intelligent Environmental friendly. The metal laser cutting machine has high processing accuracy. When the product demand is high, laser cutting is a good choice, and it can also save costs. Applications of laser cutting machine.

Shipbuilding Industry Processing

Since the first 10,000-watt continuous fiber laser came out in 2013, China has become the second country in the world to master this technology after the United States. The 10,000-watt laser has gradually realized localization and industrialization, and it has also promoted the rapid rise of ultra-high-power fiber laser cutting in China’s manufacturing industry. 10,000-watt laser cutting machine has been a hot keyword in the laser cutting industry since 2018. It occupies a place in my country’s aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, and energy equipment manufacturing industries, and its role is becoming more and more important.

Shipbuilding Industry
Shipbuilding industry

In the actual production process of ships, laser cutting and laser welding are mainly involved, which are the two processes that consume the most man-hours and costs in the construction of the hull. Especially in recent years, the term 10,000-watt laser cutting machine has become more and more popular. At the same time, “precision shipbuilding” and “fast shipbuilding” have gradually become the main trends in the development of the shipbuilding industry. The 10,000-watt laser cutting machine is even more popular in the shipbuilding industry The spring blossoms everywhere and quickly spread. Applications of laser cutting machine.

Schematic diagram of shipbuilding industrial processing
Schematic diagram of shipbuilding industrial processing

The shipbuilding industry has high requirements for the transfer accuracy of hull sections, and the frame transfer clearance must be controlled within 1mm. In the past, shipbuilding companies generally used plasma to blank the ribs. In order to ensure the assembly gap, trimming allowances were set on the ribs. This required manual trimming during on-site assembly. The quality of the trimming was uneven and the slits Residual oxides inside, at the same time increase the assembly workload, the assembly cycle increases, resulting in the extension of the entire segmented construction cycle.

The application of the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine perfectly solves this problem. The 10,000-watt laser cutting machine can guarantee the high-precision production of the workpiece. The error of the workpiece produced by the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine is within ±0.05mm, and because the high-power laser cutting machine can achieve high-speed cutting, its heat-affected zone is compared with plasma The cutting machine is much smaller, which effectively improves the deformation of the workpiece. Take the 12000W megawatt laser cutting machine as an example, it can cut 30mm carbon steel, 50mm stainless steel, 40mm aluminum, and 20mm brass. In 12mm carbon steel cutting, its speed can reach up to 2100mm per minute, which is 2.1m/min.

In addition, because the laser cutting machine has a small workpiece processing error (within ±0.05mm), there is no more leftover material on the ribs, which not only saves materials, reduces unnecessary labor consumption, but also saves time, shortens the ship’s manufacturing cycle, and more It is in line with the two major industry development trends of “precision shipbuilding” and “fast shipbuilding”. At present, my country’s laser manufacturing technology continues to make breakthroughs, and the level of laser manufacturing continues to improve. With the further localization and industrialization of 10,000-watt lasers, the price of lasers has gradually decreased, and the application effect of laser cutting technology has gradually stabilized, which has promoted 10,000 watts. Laser cutting machines have become more popular in the shipbuilding industry. Compared with the previous traditional production methods (flame cutting, plasma cutting), the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine has the following advantages:

1. Low Processing Cost, Few Procedures And High Efficiency

The traditional process generally includes 5 processes + 4 parts handling, while the 10,000-watt laser cutting can simplify the process to the plate enters the factory, and the laser cutting (laser cutting + laser groove + laser drilling) 2 processes, not only The processing speed is improved, labor is saved, and the cost of shipbuilding is greatly reduced.

In addition, the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine is very advantageous in dealing with the processing of medium and thick plates. Compared with the traditional plasma cutting, the speed is faster, and as the power increases, the cutting speed of 10mm carbon steel plates will continue to increase. Similarly, with the increase of power, the limit cutting thickness of carbon steel plates is also increasing.

2. Flexible And Intelligent Production

The combination of laser cutting machines with CNC and robot machines can help users realize intelligent and flexible production. The 10,000-watt sheet laser cutting machine is equipped with a hydraulic lifting auxiliary feeding mechanism and a lifting exchange platform to realize flexible feeding, fine-tuning and fast cutting of sheets, and reduce non-production time. Combined with the high-intelligence numerical control bus system, the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine can realize the functions of cutting process setting changes, real-time monitoring of cutting status, and full-process inspection and recording of cutting data parameters. It is an important help for engineers to continuously optimize cutting process parameters and optimize the cutting effect of workpieces.

Flexible and Intelligent production
Flexible and Intelligent production

3. Realize a Variety of Shapes, High-efficiency And Precision Machining of Work Pieces

Due to the various shapes of the profiles required for the hull structure, the corresponding 10,000-watt laser cutting machine needs to be equipped with an intelligent CNC central control laser cutting head that can realize multi-angle and multi-directional cutting. For example, ordinary laser heads suitable for two-dimensional plane cutting: automatic focusing laser cutting heads; laser heads suitable for three-dimensional cutting: three-dimensional automatic focusing laser cutting heads; laser heads suitable for multi-dimensional cutting: cutting and welding AB Groove shaft bus platform, four-axis pipe cutting head, etc. With the high-intelligence numerical control system, high-quality workpieces with a slit of about 0.03mm, a vertical cut, and no slag on the bottom can be processed to ensure the overall precision dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.

3 Applications of Laser Cutting Machine in Manufacturing Industry
Laser head

4. Easy to Maintain, Save Time

The light source of the fiber laser cutting machine is the laser beam transmitted through the optical fiber. Compared with the traditional mechanical optical path, this optical fiber transmission method is simpler, clear at a glance, and easy to maintain. Combined with the power distribution cabinet of the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine, it is safe, dust-proof, and anti-static., It greatly saves time, energy, and the cost of maintenance.

In the future, the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine will be the main force in the shipbuilding industry! Applications of laser cutting machine.

Groove processing

In manufacturing and processing, many parts and components will have a certain angle of groove processing due to the design and structure requirements, which is indispensable in automobile manufacturing, industrial and agricultural machinery, and ships and ships. The processing of the groove is mainly for the next welding process. The groove to be welded is processed and assembled into a groove of a certain geometric shape in the weldment to be able to obtain a weld with full penetration in the welding thickness.

3 Applications of Laser Cutting Machine in Manufacturing Industry
Groove processing-1

The groove processing mostly uses flame, plasma, and other processing methods. The common groove forms include V-shaped groove, U-shaped groove, X-shaped groove, and Y-shaped groove. These processing methods will produce a deeper cut when cutting the groove, and it is easy to cause the groove to be unfused if it is not eliminated before welding. Generally, such dents must be processed if they exceed 3mm. In important locations, only grinding can be used to eliminate them. Repair welding is not allowed. If there are defects, the follow-up processing is very troublesome. At the same time, flame and plasma processing belong to high-calorie processing, and metal plates are prone to thermal deformation. After the groove is processed, an inverse deformation process is required, which is another major difficulty.

3 Applications of Laser Cutting Machine in Manufacturing Industry
Groove processing-2

Laser processing is a new type of bevel processing method with the smallest thermal deformation and the best cut quality. The laser bevel cutting machine can process steel plates within 20mm and can complete V, X, Y, and other forms at one time. Compared with traditional flame, Plasma groove processing and laser groove cutting greatly improve the processing efficiency, ensure the quality of the groove, and save materials. For example, laser groove cutting is used in shipbuilding to process low-alloy steel T-shaped members, which can greatly reduce the weight while ensuring the stability of the ship.

With the advancement of major projects such as railway construction, highway construction, water conservancy construction, hydropower construction, energy, mining construction, and construction industry in China, the demand for my country’s construction machinery market has increased year by year, and bevel laser cutting machines have become common in my country’s construction machinery industry. application. Especially with the enlargement of construction machinery, it is necessary to adopt higher-strength low-alloy high-strength steel structures. In order to ensure the good toughness of welded joints, it is necessary to reasonably control the welding heat effect and avoid the embrittlement of welded joints. The traditional thermal processing method can no longer adapt to the current forming of high-strength steel plates, and the introduction of laser bevel cutting machines in the engineering machinery industry is a suitable choice.

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